Once You Are Accepted...

Once you are officially accepted into an ISA program you will receive an acceptance email from your Program Manager, followed by an email granting you access to our Student Portal. The forms in the Student Portal, as well as full payment for the program, are due by your specific final forms and payment due date.

If you are receiving financial aid or loans through your home university you will be required to submit your verification of award by your program's final forms and payment due date, as well as a good faith payment if your university is not releasing the funds directly to ISA.

If you have not yet done so, you will need to apply for a passport immediately. If applicable, you will also find information on your Student Portal regarding applying for a student visa. This is a process that you will need to start immediately, as it may take up to 70 days for any given consulate to process your student visa application and you may likely have to appear in person at the consular office in your jurisdiction.

After the final forms and payment due date, we begin the lengthy process of assigning students to host families and other ISA housing. An Online Orientation will be available in the Student Portal also at this time.

Approximately 2-3 weeks before your program start date, you will receive access to a final packet in your Student Portal which will include your housing assignment, a description of your homestay/housing, a list of ISA students participating on your program, flight list and a final letter with details on airport pick-up times and instructions.

If you have any questions at any time you should contact ISA either by phone or by email and speak to the Program Manager or Site Specialist for your program.