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Financial Aid Calculation Tool (FACT)

* Disclaimer: These details do not apply to students from a select number of US universities which ISA bills directly. These figures have the potential to change. This tool should be used for initial calculation purposes only. A VOA submitted by the due date which confirms funds payable to ISA directly will also affect these details. Please read through the Paying with Financial Aid materials and contact the ISA office regarding specific questions.
Step 1: Program Cost:
-$200.00Application Deposit (?)
Step 2: Are you going to be paying the full cost out of pocket or are you using Financial Aid?
Out Of Pocket
Financial Aid (?)
Amount Due: $
Please pay by final forms and payment due date as listed on website
Step 3: Will Financial Aid cover all program cost?
Step 4: Please select the term you are studying:
Intensive Month Program
Summer Program
Back-to-back Summer Program
Semester or Trimester Program
Back-to-back Semester or Trimester Program
Year Program
Valencia FSU Summer, Lima, Rome, or Florence Summer Program
Valencia FSU Semester or Year Program
England Summer Program
England Semester or Year Program
Colombia Semester or Year Program
Beppu Summer Program
Australia, New Zealand, or Fiji Semester or Year Program

Step 5:
Expected amount of Financial Aid $
You owe ISA:
$ 1*
Hold For Financial Aid check: $ 2*

1* Check for the remainder of your balance, to be deposited immediately by ISA. Only an estimated amount and does not include such items as housing deposit, optional excursions, etc.

1* Payment to ISA in order to hold your space in the program and allow ISA to continue making arrangements on your behalf, prior to receiving the remaining balance for your program. This is the minimum amount due by the due date and does not include such items as housing deposit, optional excursions, etc.

2* "Hold" check in the amount of award listed on your Verification of Award (VOA), which will be deposited by ISA after you have confirmed receipt of your funding. Staple the "hold" check to a sheet of paper and clearly write Hold for Financial Aid. Should be dated 7 days after funds are scheduled to be released to you