Withdrawal Protection

ISA's Program Withdrawal Protection guarantees a full refund of the program cost, less the $200 deposit, under any circumstance provided that the official ISA Withdrawal Form is completed by the program participant and is submitted to ISA by 5pm at least 1 business day prior to the program's departure date. The cost for the ISA Program Withdrawal Protection is dependent upon a program's length, and does not apply to all programs:

ProgramsCost of Protection
Italy Summer programs$500
All other ISA Summer programs*$250
Italy Semester/Year programs$700
All other ISA Semester/Year programs*$400
Intensive Month or J-term programs$200
ISA Service-Learning full-time programs$300
Back-to-back Summer programs**$350

*Programs in England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji or Beppu Summer, as well as any program where the host university is a FSU branch campus and/or study center, are not eligible for Program Withdrawal Protection.

**Withdrawal form must be received prior to start date of first session for back-to-back programs.

Participants can purchase the ISA Program Withdrawal Protection anytime before the original payment due date of the given program. The Program Withdrawal Protection is not available for purchase for late applicants, nor is it available for Master's Degree programs.

Any decision to withdraw from an ISA program on or after that program's departure date will result in no refund. Furthermore, all housing deposits, late fees/change fees/optional add-on fees incurred by the applicant are excluded from the Program Withdrawal Protection. The Program Withdrawal Protection is not transferable if the participant changes programs or sessions.

Click here to download the Program Withdrawal Protection Form as a PDF file.