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Go Abroad Again

Ready to go back, right? So are we. In this section, you will find information on traditional study abroad programs, graduate school abroad, independent study options, and volunteer and internship opportunities that are available. The World Awaits...again.

Sibling and Repeat Student Grants

ISA, GLA and ELAP offer grants to students who have previously participated in an ISA, GLA or ELAP program, regardless of the length of time (if any) that passes between the two programs.

  • $100 ISA SUMMER PROGRAM GRANT: Students who enroll in an ISA SUMMER program or an ELAP program of 4-12 weeks in length after having participated previously in an ISA or GLA program of any length (not including intensive month programs) will receive a $100 grant towards the latter program.
  • $100 ELAP PROGRAM GRANT: Students who enroll in an ISA or ELAP program after having participated previously in an ELAP program of at least 4 weeks will receive a $100 grant towards the latter program.
  • $350 ISA SEMESTER/TRIMESTER/YEAR/MASTER'S DEGREE PROGRAM GRANT: Students who participate in an ISA TRIMESTER, SEMESTER or ACADEMIC YEAR, MASTER'S DEGREE program or an ELAP program of 12 weeks or longer after having participated previously in an ISA or GLA program of any length (not including intensive month programs), get a $350 grant towards the latter program.
  • SIBLING GRANT: Students will qualify for this $200 grant if they are the sibling of a former ISA, ISA High School, or ELAP student. If two siblings are simultaneously participating in an ISA or ELAP program, one participant would receive the grant. ELAP participants must have participated or be participating in an ELAP program of at least 8 weeks to be eligible for this grant.
  • GLOBAL AMBASSADOR GRANT: Active Global Ambassadors who are planning on studying abroad again with ISA will qualify for a grant of $250 for ISA summer programs or $500 for ISA semester or year-long programs. Active GAs who are planning on studying abroad again with ELAP will qualify for a grant of $200 for ELAP programs that are 8-12 weeks or longer.

Note:Participants in ISA Custom Programs, Euroscholars, ELAP Group Projects, ELAP customized dates, ISA + ELAP programs, or ELAP add-on programs are not eligible for these grants. Students will only be awarded a maximum of one ISA grant.

Service-Learning - Experiential Learning Abroad Programs (ELAP)

ISA's Service-Learning and Internship division, ELAP, has created lasting partnerships with hundreds of local organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to provide structured service-learning, internship and volunteer group projects. ELAP-facilitated programs are available independently or may be combined with an ISA academic program. All ISA-ELAP programs are designed to encourage personal and professional growth, develop language proficiency and facilitate meaningful community engagement. ELAP placement opportunities include:

  • Arts/Culture
  • Business/Marketing
  • Communication
  • Education & ESL
  • Environment/Sustainability
  • Health Care
  • Policy/Human Rights
  • Social Work
  • Technology
  • Tourism

For detailed information about ELAP programs, please visit

Global, Career-Building Internships Abroad Through ISA

Study abroad returnees looking for hands-on career experience in their area of study benefit from international internships. Interning internationally will further increase your exposure to worldwide experiences, develop your professional skills, and help you gain knowledge for your intended career.

Program Options:
10-week internships
6-week internships
Custom date internships

Field of Study Placements:
? Agriculture, Animal, and Vet Sciences
? Architecture, Landscape, and Planning
? Arts, Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences
? Business and Management
? Communications, Advertising, and Journalism
? Education and Teaching
? Engineering
? Environment and Natural Resources
? Health Professions
? Information Technology and Computer Science
? Law and Criminal Justice
? Music, Dance, and Performing Arts
? Psychology and Social Work
? Sciences, Biological, Physical, and Mathematical
? Sports, Recreation, and Exercise Science
? Tourism and Hospitality
? Visual Arts and Design

For detailed information about internship programs through ISA's partner, GlobaLinks, please visit

Degrees Abroad

ISA's Degrees Abroad programs around the world allow students to enroll in a graduate program at an institution abroad while receiving the personalized support services that define ISA programs throughout the world.

Our initial offering includes over 100 Master's Degree programs in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, London, Reading, Belfast, Cork, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid and Buenos Aires. The majority of programs can be completed in English in as little as one year and there are plenty of options for students who would like to use financial aid or apply for scholarships. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive their master's diploma and academic record from the university abroad.

For detailed information about ISA Master's Degrees, please visit

Full Degree Programs Abroad - Association of Global Universities (AGU)

The Association of Global Universities (AGU) is a division of International Studies Abroad, a NAFSA Global Partner and a recognized leader in study abroad since 1987. Taking advantage of a global infrastructure that includes offices and staff in over 50 cities around the world, the Association of Global Universities is in a unique position to assist all students in their pursuit of short-term and full degree programs abroad in an endless variety of fields and disciplines.

AGU's team of Academic Consultants around the world is able to work closely with students and member institutions to determine which programs offer the best fit with the student's academic profile and personal goals. AGU advises students on every aspect of pursuing their ideal international experience at universities across the globe with the aim of connecting students and universities worldwide.

For detailed information about AGU programs, please visit

Other International Opportunities

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