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Cape Town

Affectionately known as the Mother City, Cape Town was founded in 1652 and is South Africa's oldest city. Cape Town is rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a backdrop of flat-topped Table Mountain juxtaposed by the sweep of the Atlantic Ocean in the foreground. You can hike or take a cable-car ride up Table Mountain to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and peninsula, take a ferry to the historic Robben Island, or visit the Cape of Good Hope.

The University of the Western Cape is located just 12 miles north of Cape Town in the Tygerberg suburb of Bellville. Its attractive campus includes an important nature reserve, and the mountains of the Cape Peninsula and Stellenbosch provide beautiful landmarks to the east and west. The University is readily accessible by car, taxi, bus or train, and even has its own railway station, Unibell, on the southern boundary of the campus.

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Academic Programs Offered in Cape Town

Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines
University of Cape Town
[Courses instructed in Arabic and English and Hebrew and Japanese]


(Jul 7, 2015 to Nov 14, 2015)ICPF3115$15,500


(Jan 27, 2016 to Jun 11, 2016)ICPS3116$15,800
(Jan 27, 2016 to Jun 11, 2016)ICPES3116$18,250
(Early Jul, 2016 to Mid Nov, 2016)ICPF3116$15,800
(Early Jul, 2016 to Mid Nov, 2016)ICPEF3116$18,250
Political and Social Sciences, African Studies and Health
University of the Western Cape
[Courses instructed in English]


(Jul 4, 2015 to Nov 15, 2015)ICPF3215$14,000


(Jan 24, 2016 to Jun 5, 2016)ICPS3216$14,000
(Jan 24, 2016 to Jun 5, 2016)ICPES3216$16,450
(Early Jul, 2016 to Mid Nov, 2016)ICPF3216$14,000
(Early Jul, 2016 to Mid Nov, 2016)ICPEF3216$16,450