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Academic Advising Guides

ISA's Academic Advising Guides were developed to assist faculty, advisors, and students identify and select study abroad programs by major or field of study. Each Guide features the top recommended ISA partner host institution(s) located in each of our six geographic regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the Pacific), followed by a list of other strong regional options. A number of factors went into the selection of these recommended host institutions, including: course offerings; ease of enrollment; third-party accreditation status; course evaluations; language of instruction; and internship/service-learning opportunities. Links to sample courses are included with each host institution description. For information about any ISA program, or to request recommendations for majors and/or fields of study not found on the list below, please contact ISA's Academic Affairs Department.

Intensive Language Program Recommendations
The purpose of this document is to provide undergraduate advisors and students with recommended study abroad programs that allow students to fulfill four semesters (180 contact hours) of language learning during back to back 8-10 week summer sessions.

Region Specific Advising Guides