ISA Service-Learning was created to propel students beyond the original confines of the classroom by providing opportunities to work at local NGOs, schools, clinics and businesses through structured service-learning and volunteer group projects year-round. Service-Learning programs address the needs of the community and organization abroad while encouraging personal and professional growth, developing language proficiency and facilitating meaningful community engagement. For the past decade, ISA Service-Learning has consistently added a unique dimension to the abroad experience, resulting in a greater understanding of the language, culture, and community of the host country. With its roots in Latin America, ISA Service-Learning has grown to include programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.



ISA Service-Learning is dedicated to providing professional and personalized service from your first contact with a representative to the day you return home. For our participants, we encourage personal growth and facilitate the development of skills such as problem solving, appreciation for community and diversity, and the ability to cooperate and collaborate in an international setting.  We strive to make a positive impact on the international communities we serve, bring unique people and cultures together and promote an understanding of global issues.



Since 1987, ISA Service-Learning's parent company International Studies Abroad (ISA) has provided enriching academic study abroad programs for undergraduate students around the globe. ISA allows students to customize their program options based on types of housing, coursework and language of instruction, while providing the right balance of independence and support. To maximize the student's study abroad experience, several of ISA's host institutions offer academic internships or service-learning courses. Students who choose this option will not complete the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio but will instead be enrolled in an ISA program. They will elect to take an internship or service-learning course through the host university and, upon completion, receive a host university transcript for their coursework. ISA academic programs through the host university share a common objective with ISA Service-Learning: to add another dimension to the study abroad experience through daily interactions with locals, resulting in a greater understanding of the culture, community and language of the host country.