Placement Options

Flamenco Museum
High Intermediate Spanish

Situated in the historic center of Sevilla, the Flamenco Museum offers didactic workshops, exhibitions, dance classes as well as live performances. Participant duties will be divided among working reception to greet visitors, giving guided tours, assisting staff on exhibition and education outreach projects as well as developing a project related to participant’s interest or background.

Health and Fitness Center Internship
Intermediate Spanish

Assist in the area of customer service, analyze client data as it relates to daily business operations, develop sales initiatives geared towards foreign students studying in Sevilla, and research best practices for enhancing membership experience.  In addition to these responsibilities, students studying Exercise Science may also assist personal trainers with the development and implementation of personal training schedules.

International Development NGO
Advanced Spanish

Work in the international headquarters of an NGO dedicated to funding and supporting development projects worldwide. Participants will be responsible for updating databases, researching grant opportunities, editing and managing the NGO's website and social media, and utilizing translation skills in Spanish and English through a variety of tasks and projects.

International Entertainment Retail Company Internship
Advanced Spanish

Interns will perform administrative tasks such as reporting, invoice processing, customer relationship management and accounting of business operations. In addition to these tasks, the intern will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of company projects as well as participate actively in weekly departmental meetings. 

Marketing & Public Relations Agency Internship
Intermediate Spanish
Participants will have the opportunity to develop skills as a designers through participation in projects within various departments of the agency. Responsibilties include working on mock ups for clients, assisting team members on graphics and magazine layout as well as attending departmental meetings and observing client meetings. Participants must have prior experience within graphic design and media.


Technical Training Center
Beginning Spanish

Specializing in the industrial and aerial sectors, this center provides technical training programs through the use of innovative technologies. Participants can work in two main areas, one dedicated to human resources, where participants would assist in hiring and consultations, while the other area focuses on education programming and training.

Telecommunication Company Internship
Advanced Spanish

This company offers a variety of telecommunications services to foreign travelers and international students in Spain. Choose among three main areas to intern: 

  • Business Services: Contact current and prospective clients via telephone, email and in-person meetings providing customer service assignments and assist with administrative duties in the office.  
  • Marketing: Document and compose information for advertising materials, perform marketing research (internet and other channels), hold meetings with international students interested in the company’s services, and perform assigned tasks in other areas of marketing.
  • Graphic Design: Review current webpage and customer resource management software, assist with search engine optimization, increase use of social media outlets and research latest trends in online marketing. This placement requires an advanced knowledge of computer science and programming. 
Travel Agency Internship
High Intermediate Spanish

Assist with the design and implementation of website advertising, increase the company’s presence through social media outlets as well as generate new business among foreign students studying in Sevilla.  This placement is ideal for participants interested in public relations, marketing and tourism.

Host University Service-Learning & Internship Organizations
Low Intermediate Spanish

Host University service-learning and internship placement options vary depending on program and availability. Placement details are facilitated by the host university and are not confirmed until the participant is on site. For more information contact the ISA Sevilla Site Specialist.