London, England

Economic Affairs and Advising

Gain experience writing business and consumer focused macro-economic reports. Support every aspect of the company vision, including production of monthly reports, maintenance of survey panels and ad-hoc research. Past placements include: Institute of Economic Affairs and Institute of Economic Affairs and MNI Indicators

Communication Technology

Intern with private companies or in a university research setting. Be involved in the development of programs focusing on innovative and growing businesses by providing communication technology and interactive media. Assist with digital marketing and the delivery and promotion of start-up business through support training programs. Attend events to promote company products and services. Past placements include: Accelerator and Imperial College London

Graphic Design

Gain experience at graphic design firms or within a graphic design department at various companies. Work for clients ranging from government departments to small start-up businesses. The participant will get all-round experience working in the graphic design industry working as part of small teams and assisting with the design and development of website and other online and offline collateral. Past placements include: Oblong and Sons and Module Media

Environmental Management

Intern at a nature reserve and community park where participants can assist with planning programs for school groups and take a lead in developing and implementing educational activities for schools and families, market events via press releases and social media, conduct wildlife surveys and habitat maintenance. Past placements include: Greenwich Ecology Park

Event Management

Intern with an event planning company which entails a variety of marketing responsibilities.These responsibilities include supporting all facets of planning events such as conferences or conventions for clients big and small. The experience that the intern will gain from an Event Management Internship can be as varied as the events themselves. Past placements include: London Business Conferences.