Madrid, Spain

Design and Marketing for HR Firm

This human resource management company specializes in relocation and outplacement of professional candidates, normally senior executives, but is looking to diversify its business. Interns will aid in marketing and re-branding strategies to help expand the organization to other markets and attract new clients.

Arts, Graphic Design and Marketing for Production Company

Intern with a theater production company by using various forms of media to help promote shows and brainstorming ideas to implement a better, long lasting bond with the fans. Help create the bridge between staff and digital media in order to share content and experiences, use digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques to streamline the blogs, or contribute by overseeing the project management of the production and potential sponsorship's for the plays.

Digital Marketing for International Audiences

Work with an international marketing oriented team by enhancing their professional and strong online networks in order to open new business relationships with other brands and incorporate new products into the portfolio from around the world.