Salamanca, Spain

Advisory and Consulting Company

Intern at an international or national consulting agency that offer services in foreign trade, transportation and customs regulations, among other things. Support research, training, and preparation necessary to carry out advising services. Past placements include: Citcesa and Biderbost


Intern in the agribusiness sector and learn and support the internationalization of a growing or established business. Assist the marketing department on social platforms, research customer acquisition and track product sales. Past placements include: Ibéricos Torreón, and Jamones Ibéricos Blázquez

Office of Tourism

The Office of Tourism carries out marketing campaigns to promote travel to and around one of Spain’s most iconic tourist destinations. Answer questions for tourists, organize cultural activities, represent the office at local events and help with translation work for pamphlets and web pages.

Marketing and Communications Companies

Intern in one of several marketing and communications companies in Salamanca. Responsibilities can include: market analyses of competitor digital media platforms, sending press releases, organizing press conferences, managing social media platforms, and preparation of daily dossier briefings. Past placements include: Tribuna and 4c Communicación

Chamber of Commerce

Intern within the Chamber of Commerce on a variety of projects. Interns help with digital marketing, preparing departmental presentations, support vocational education programs, support work of legal department, organize special events, and assist in the gastronomy sector via editorializing, event planning, and overall support. As the work of Chambers of Commerce a wide, so are the opportunities.

Technology-based Companies

Intern at one of several technology-based companies. Interns have the opportunity to be involved with SEO, writing content for websites and blogs, as well as assisting with on-going events. Past placements include One Traffic and Immunostep

Professional Organizations

Intern at one of a diverse range of professional organizations, including those that focus on business, trade, gastronomy and commerce. Just as the organizations vary greatly, so do the internship responsibilities. These types of organizations offer interns the possibility to hone many of the transferable skills important in starting a career. Interns could work with digital marketing, presentation preparation, writing proposals, event management, and support in mediation and arbitration. Past placements include Confederación de Organizaciones de Empresarios Salmantinos and Asociación de Empresarios Salmantinos de Comercio