Santiago, Chile

Journalism for English-Language Publication

Work in a multilingual firm that promotes Chile through various English language platforms or promote local magazines to Spanish departments at American universities. Assist with a variety of journalistic responsibilities such as blogging, writing articles, attending press conferences and editing and designing the publications for release. Past placements include: I Love Chile and Lingua Group

Environmental Non-Profit Organization

Work with local communities at a large and small non-profits which focus their efforts on protecting the ecology of the Chilean Patagonia and the country as a whole. Assist with developing marketing material, web content, graphics, presentations and storytelling. Past placements include: Patagonia Sur and Reforestemos Patagonia

Videography and Photography Journalism

Work with a team covering local events by producing video content and photographs with written content for publication. Work may be published online, in magazines, blogs, and/or aired on television.

Anthropology and Forensic Science

Intern at a government agency and shadow and support a team of doctors, anthropologists, dental specialists, psychologists, photographers and lawyers who determine the cause of death for victims of human rights issues, violent crimes, or natural disasters. Responsibilities may include conducting procedures with bone material, participating in on-site cases and/or excavations, assisting with autopsies and forensic anthropological procedures, and taking part in meetings to define protocols and proposals for specific forensic cases. Past placements include: Servicio Médico Legal de Chile.