Santiago, Chile

Trade and Investment Corporation

Work to promote trade and investment with Chilean markets in order to open up opportunities for sustainable market growth, learn how investment services are provided to small start-ups, gain experience advising high net worth individuals and families or explore international trade and multinational finance. Other opportunities exist in the asset management and banking industry where interns gain experience in the study of business and economic sectors.

Environmental Non-Profit Organization

Work with local communities at a large and small non-profits which focus their efforts on protecting the ecology of the Chilean Patagonia and the country as a whole. Assist with developing marketing material, web content, graphics, presentations and storytelling. Past placements include: Patagonia Sur and Reforestemos Patagonia

Sports Marketing

The intern is expected to prepare and present a comprehensive comparison between professional soccer in the US and in Chile, including statistics, business models, and finances. The intern will aid in marketing strategies and products successfully used in the US and create strategies for implemented in Chile.

Financial Analysis and Asset Management

Work at a company that manages funds in national and international banking and investments and uses their expertise to find the best financial solutions to meet client goals. Interns may work in risk, and be tasked with cash flow, credit simulation, payment capacity, and coverage of financial expenses and liabilities. Intern may also assist with investment process for asset management and contribute to investment strategies of the firms portfolios. Past Placements include: Buenavista Capital, Compass, Scotiabank, and Solarity.

Business Management with Entrepreneurial

Work at a start-up where the intern can gain skills collaboration, management, marketing and finances. Develop strategies to promote and grow the business worldwide by supporting other departments and communicating the program worldwide.

Branding and Marketing

Work with Marketing and Product Development teams to establish content needs and priorities. The intern may develop content in English with the purpose of branding the company across a variety of media sources such as social networks, newspapers, radio, television, and smartphone applications.

At-Risk Children's Organization

Work with an organization who recruits, trains and organizes volunteers to accomplish the mission of fostering positive development of children at social risk in Chile. The intern may be tasked with overseeing and managing the implementation of programs and materials, communicate with international volunteers responsibilities and aiding in the recruitment process, lead and coordinate activities, and present analysis and reports to the committee.

Events Management for a Green Organization

Intern with an organization that apply's green production technologies and re-training programs to create environment awareness among Chileans, promoting education in this field and the creation of “puntos limpios" (recycling stations) all over the country. The intern may assist in the development of green initatives by contacting representatives, and assisting with obtaining and organizing the representation of events in Chile.

Graphic Design

Work at a sustainable design company to help redefine the visual identity. Interns may work on graphic guidelines and templates for stationary, documents, letters, presentations and reports. Along with this work, special attention may be given to collaboration on the edition of highly visual edited material and info-graphics.

Business Engineering

Intern will carry out project related to exploration and successful market penetration by foreign entrepreneurs, possibly organizing international conferences, preparing market research on various topics, participating in fairs, and handling logistics, among other projects.

Eco-tourism Agency

Intern with a small eco-tourism company that aims to give back to local communities while helping clients discover Chile through various travel options, all focusing on Chile's people and natural wonders. Past interns have focused on tourism development, business management, and fieldwork.