Santiago, Chile

Journalism for English-Language Publication

Work in a multilingual firm that promotes Chile through various English language platforms or promote local magazines to Spanish departments at American universities. Assist with a variety of journalistic responsibilities such as blogging, writing articles, attending press conferences and editing and designing the publications for release. Past placements include: I Love Chile and Lingua Group

Videography and Photography Journalism

Work with a team covering local events by producing video content and photographs with written content for publication. Work may be published online, in magazines, blogs, and/or aired on television.

Business Management with Entrepreneurial

Work at a start-up where the intern can gain skills collaboration, management, marketing and finances. Develop strategies to promote and grow the business worldwide by supporting other departments and communicating the program worldwide.

Events Management for a Green Organization

Intern with an organization that apply's green production technologies and re-training programs to create environment awareness among Chileans, promoting education in this field and the creation of “puntos limpios" (recycling stations) all over the country. The intern may assist in the development of green initatives by contacting representatives, and assisting with obtaining and organizing the representation of events in Chile.