San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica

After School Program

Spanish (Intermediate)

Work with an organization that provides after school and daycare services to children of limited economic resources. Be a positive role model and help students with homework and education activities. Engage the children by facilitating recreational activities, art and music projects.

Teach English at a Non-Profit Christian Organization

Spanish (Intermediate)

San José is home to many religious-based organizations which provide support to indigent people, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, pregnant women, street children and other marginalized groups. Serve as a role model to young students and assist with English classes and other classroom projects. Facilitate arts, crafts and other activities that help to eliminate the education and career gap. *Due to vacations, there will be limited options from mid-December through the first week of February and the first two weeks of July. It will be possible to arrange another placement for participants during these times.

Children and Youth Center

Spanish (Advanced)

This center is dedicated to supporting abandoned and at-risk children and teens by providing shelter, educational programs, and activities for social development. Assist a social worker with administrative tasks and projects, improve the center’s infrastructure with cleaning, painting and beautification projects, teach English lessons, and help students with their homework.

Environmental, Cultural and Recreational Park

Spanish (Beginning)

Bring surrounding communities together by dedicating your time at a free and open recreational space for children and youth. This park aims to promote an appreciation for nature and the environment, arts and various recreational activities including music, sports, such as football, taekwondo and skating, and technology. Participants will have the opportunity to work on environmental projects or assist to design and run workshops, sports and recreational activities for the youth.