International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


In addition to being a charming and eclectic city with a distinct personality, Brussels is the Western European capital of international business and politics. It is the perfect place for students seeking to study and/or intern abroad while being surrounded by some of the brightest minds and leading institutions in their field of study.

Through the ISA Brussels Political Science, International Affairs, Business, Communications & Internships program, students are able to benefit from the robust academic offerings at Vesalius College. Below are some examples of exciting potential course options the two upcoming terms:

Summer 1 2017: Ex) The Belgian Brewery Industry in a Global Context: Business, Economics, Culture and Innovation; Global Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and (De-)radicalization; European Film, Culture and Contemporary Visions
Fall 1 2017: Ex) Negotiations and Conflict Resolution; NATO and Transatlantic Approaches to Security; Art in Europe

Want to know more about the academics at Vesalius College? Below is a short video of ISA Brussels Fall 2016 alumnus Matt Keller interviewing faculty and administrators of the host institution.