International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


ISA has launched a new series of summer programs at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. This is an exciting academic opportunity for students looking to study STEM related topics, such as physics and mathematics.

Students participating in the Summer 1 option will be able to choose between a physics and math track. The International Physics Summer School is a calculus based introductory course consisting of a lab component.

This 8-week long program will cover the following areas:

  • Dynamics and relativity, waves and sound, and thermal dynamics
  • Geometrical and wave optics, electromagnetism, and quantum phenomena

The Mathematics-Linear Algebra and Differential Equations course will also include various field trips around Scotland including the Robert Burns Museum and Heritage Park, the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, and the New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition, ISA will also be offering the Anatomy and Global Health Summer 2 and 3 programs designed for students who are intending to apply to medical school. Students can take either Functional Anatomy or Bioscience for Global Health as a separate program, or enroll in the back-to-back program option which allows for them to take both courses.

For non-STEM major students looking to study in Glasgow, the Summer 4 and 5 programs would be ideal. The Summer 4 program features an ASBS accredited course in international business and another covering the topic of religion and spirituality in Scotland. The Summer 5 program will highlight the course Geology of Scotland. Both sessions can be taken back to back.