Students fly into San José where they meet the ISA resident staff and the rest of the ISA-HS group. The group is transported to Hereida, where they will attend on-site orientations (known as the Bridging Cultures Program). The Bridging Cultures Program (BCP) encompasses the ISA on-site orientation delivered to all students in the first days of their ISA program. The ISA staff will discuss heath and safety while abroad, Costa Rica's history and culture, what to expect while living with a homestay, the academic program, and adjusting to daily life in Heredia. The BCP is an important introduction to a new culture, a new home and a new experience, and is designed to prepare students for a successful, positive and rewarding experience that will influence the rest of their lives. 

During their first few days in Costa Rica, the ISA staff familiarizes the group with the on-site office, university campus and surrounding area. Students take a language placement exam administered by the Universidad Latina and begin classes.