heredia parent testimonials

I am impressed with the organization and how well put together everything was as well as how well looked after the kids were. I was worried about my child, as she was only 15, but she had a fabulous time and in the end didn't want to come back.

Parents of Chloe Kral - Heredia, Costa Rica , 2012 (Rolling Hills Estates, CA)

We were unbelievably impressed with the staff, the information provided, how the program was run, the value of the program, the housing, the excursions including the hotels where they stayed, the activities planned and particularly the chosen community service. As my husband and I traveled to Costa Rica to enjoy a vacation with Emily at the end of the program, we had a chance to visit Emily's home and her host mother Rosario. We were very pleased with the home and location and Rosario is amazing!

Parents of Emily Forster - Heredia, Costa Rica Global Impact, 2011 (Potomac, MD)

My daughter's self-esteem was greatly influenced by her trip to Costa Rica; she had fun and was able to help children in great need. She has decided to study teaching and wants to travel to outside the USA and help children like the ones she encountered in Heredia, Costa Rica. It seems that in just a week she matured several years. Thank you for giving children this opportunity, excellent work.

Parents of Celeste Lopez - Heredia, Costa Rica Global Impact Spring Break, 2011 (Ventura, CA)

Trust ISA-HS, it is in amazing program, unbeatable for the price.  My daughter made lifelong friends from all over the country, her Spanish was complemented all over Costa Rica by the natives, she is more prepared to go off to college and she and her fellow students made a true impact on the conditions of the local school, while they also celebrated a local holiday with the young students. This is the best program out of there for study abroad and Rene and all his staff truly are committed to the safety of the teenagers and conducting a program that provides all that it says it will and more.

Parents of Emily Forster - Heredia, Costa Rica Global Impact, 2011 (Potomac, MD)

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