heredia student testimonials

We love only what we understand. It's important to keep your mind open so that you can learn more about new people and places.

Cailyn W. - Heredia, Costa Rica , 2014 (Lone Tree, CO)

Choosing to do a study abroad program was out of my comfort zone but doing it was such a positive experience for me. I got to travel to an amazing country, meet people from around the United States and improve my Spanish skills.

Emma W. - Heredia, Costa Rica , 2014 (Ann Arbor, MI)

Immersing yourself in a culture through this experience is truly special. You not only learn so much from the people but through the activities you do, you are truly able to discover yourself and find what makes life meaningful. I have learned things from this program that I will forever carry throughout my life.

Alexandra B. - Heredia, Costa Rica , 2014 (Calabasas, CA)

Have fun. Enjoy every minute of your trip because it will pass by faster than you ever thought was possible! And just be open to trying new things and having new adventures because you will have an amazing time wherever your trip takes you.

Scarlet B. - Heredia, Costa Rica , 2014 (Williamsburg, MA)

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