granada parent testimonials

The program is well-run, well-planned, and conceptualized in an intelligent way. I feel as if our daughter really gained from the experience. Her language skills improved immensely, and she developed a love and appreciation of Spain. I didn't worry a bit.

Parents of Moriah E. - Granada, Spain , 2012 (Montclair, NJ)

This is an excellent, life-enhancing opportunity for high school-aged kids.  I felt confident that ISA would take all the necessary measures to ensure the kids' safety while on their watch, as well as arming the kids with the cultural skills necessary for navigating their new surroundings when they were on their own or with their host families.

Parents of Emma R. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Vancouver, WA)

She was in a great location in a very comfortable apartment.  Her "Spanish Mother" was very very kind and helpful and greatly contributed to her spanish experience. She toured her around town the first night and she cooked a lot of traditional Spanish food for her.

Parents of Emma H. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Weston, CT)

Trust your children will learn and grow so much during their time abroad. My son made so many new friends from around our country and got to experience a history in culture and lifestyle they can't experience here. It was a wonderful life changing time for him and I'm so happy we and ISA could give that to him!

Parents of Peter R. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Oak Park, CA)

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