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Rosanna Carnevale, Student Services

Rosanna Carnevale was born in Switzerland and raised in Italy, in the Basilicata region. Since early childhood she has nurtured a strong interest in foreign languages such as English and Spanish, in fact going on to pursuing a dual university degree in English and Spanish philology. She spent the 2002-3 school year as an Erasmus student in the University of Granada, and eventually took her degree from Universitá degli Studi della Basilicata in 2005. Since returning to Granada the following year she has worked as a receptionist, as a tour guide, and as a schoolteacher, while furthering her education with advanced courses in pedagogy and translation. Rosanna looks forward to working with North American students and to making their study abroad experience in Granada an excellent one.

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IT Coordinator
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Resident Director
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Housing Coordinator
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Academic Coordinator