granada student testimonials

My trip to Granada was very eye-opening. We learned the importance of communicating with locals and trying new things. The ISA staff was also very helpful during our time there.

Sophie K. - Granada, Spain , 2014 (Huston, TX)

The part of the trip that surprised me the most was the number of locals that I became friends with. I met really nice Spanish people that were willing to help me learn Spanish. This was a huge component of my learning experience.

Grace M. - Granada, Spain , 2014 (Bradenton, FL)

Talking to friends and family in Spanish helped improve my conversational skills a lot. Walking around the city and discovering places on my own not only allowed me to experience the Spanish culture but also established individual independence. I was able to meet and become friends with many people from around the U.S. and Spain through classes and organized outings.

Michelle E. - Granada, Spain , 2012 (Half Moon Bay, CA)

It’s so much fun! I love how everything is planned out but we were still given so much free time to experience Granada in a way that we see fit. It’s really safe and the directors in charge of the program are so much fun. The trip really teaches you how to become independent and realize how big the world is. It’s a step into growing up and becoming more cultured.

Sabrina D. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Annandale, VA)

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