granada student testimonials

Talking to friends and family in Spanish helped improve my conversational skills a lot. Walking around the city and discovering places on my own not only allowed me to experience the Spanish culture but also established individual independence. I was able to meet and become friends with many people from around the U.S. and Spain through classes and organized outings.

Michelle E. - Granada, Spain , 2012 (Half Moon Bay, CA)

I feel like living for 4 weeks without my parents and relatively unsupervised has really helped me become more independent.  I´ve been forced to be responsible for my money and myself, as well as getting around and talking/interacting with strangers. Being immersed in a new culture has been an amazing experience and has really helped me to use all the Spanish I've been learning to interact with the people I meet.  It's definitely been fun having the experience to share all this new knowledge and sights with my new friends!

Emma R. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Vancouver, WA)

It helped me shape my cultural perspective and I got to try out my Spanish a lot more. You get to meet a lot of new people and see a whole other part of the country rather than just staying in the city you picked.

Zoe C. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (San Luis Obispo, CA)

I would definitely recommend this program to others because it has been such an uplifting experience and I have improved my Spanish so much while making so many new friends in the process. LPI has been living proof that it is capable to have an educational yet amazing summer.

Emma H. - Granada, Spain , 2011 (Weston, CT)

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