málaga parent testimonials

I would recommend ISA-HS to other parents because your kids get to experience making real decisions on their own with the proper amount of oversight, put themselves out there, get immersed in a language, and travel with new people to see new things. Excellent experience for my daughter!

Parents of Kaitlin C. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (Oakland, CA)

I like that it was controlled and they had weekend activities for the students. I felt like Joey was in good hands.

Parents of Joey O. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (Austin, TX)

This is an opportunity to give your child a once in a lifetime experience with the comfort of knowing they are in the capable hands of ISA-HS! The U.S. and Málaga staff did an outstanding job communicating with me and addressing my concerns. I could not have been more pleased with their responsiveness.

Parents of Spencer R. - Málaga, Spain , 2012 (Montclair, NJ)

Mark's host family was amazing! They even had a birthday party with a cake for Mark when he turned 16 while in Malaga. Mark had many great stories about his lovely host family. I hear that their home was very lovely too and in a great location. It was an incredible experience for Mark to live with a family and have to speak Spanish, which in a dorm would not always happen. Also, it gave me great peace of mind to know that there was a "Mom" to look after Mark. Everything went so smoothly and as advertised. The staff was very responsive and easy to reach while Mark was away. There was always someone to answer my questions. I would highly recommend the program to anyone. It is so different learning a language while living in a foreign country with a host family. It really was an immersion program, set in a warm and safe environment.

Parent of Mark M. - Málaga, Spain , 2011 (Marion, MA)

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