málaga student testimonials

The Málaga trip was so much fun. I got to meet locals and actually become friends with them. The culture is so different but worth experiencing. I loved my host family; they were very warm and welcoming. I would definitely come back again!

Kelly F. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (Bellaire, TX)

This trip was an experience that I will never forget. I made friends that I will have for a lifetime along with having the opportunity to attend college classes. It was the perfect mix of education and fun, and I would advise everyone to come on this trip. The program directors were absolutely fabulous!

Virginia D. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (The Woodlands, TX)

My trip to Málaga was so amazing because we were immersed in the culture and got brand new experiences. We got to explore the whole city and go on excursions to different cities. The homestays were so fantastic and I feel connected to my señora forever!

Kaitlin C. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (Oakland, CA)

Málaga for 3 weeks? Best decision ever!

Eliana G. - Málaga, Spain , 2014 (Arcadia, CA)

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