Excursion included in: Salamanca 1, Salamanca 2, Salamanca 3


As Spain's cosmopolitan capital city, Madrid continually captures the hearts of its visitors with world-famous museums, historic buildings and lively plazas. The Museo del Prado and the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia exhibit Spanish and European artwork ranging from the 12th to the 20th centuries. The Palacio Real, considered one of the finest palaces in Europe, stands as a symbol of the monarchy and the power of the former Spanish empire while the Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor simultaneously embody the spirit of old Madrid and the modern nation.

Excursion included in: Salamanca 1, Salamanca 2, Salamanca 3


As Spain's first capital, Toledo is saturated with history. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986, this is the city that inspired Renaissance painter El Greco in the 16th century. Since then it has remained largely unchanged in its blend of Arabic, Jewish, Christian and Visigothic elements. Toledo is famous for its splendid Cathedral, which houses several of El Greco’s paintings along with many other art treasures.

Excursion included in: Salamanca 2, Salamanca 3


Resting on the slopes of the Guadarrama Mountains, this ancient city lies in the center of the most castle-rich part of Spain. The narrow, winding streets must be traveled on foot in order to view the many Romanesque churches, as well as the Alcázar. The first-century Roman aqueduct constructed from blocks of granite is the ultimate example of Segovia's rich history.

Excursion included in: Salamanca 1, Salamanca 3


Located along Spain's northern coast, Santander has played an important role in the country's maritime history since the Middle Ages. After the turn of the century, the city became a vacation destination for the aristocracy and royal family with the construction of King Alfonso XIII's summer residence, the Palace of the Magdalena. With a mild climate, nine sandy beaches and a cultural heritage tied to the sea, Santander continues to be a popular summer retreat. *This is an optional excursion for Salamanca 2 students.

Excursion included in: Salamanca 1, Salamanca 3
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Aviero, Portugal

The Portuguese city of Aveiro is affectionately known as a little Venice. Situated on the edges of a large canal that empties into the Atlantic Ocean, the city is easily explored on foot. Visitors admire the tile work that decorates the buildings and streets as well as the colorful boats docked along the canal. Aveiro is an ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood and the white sand beaches of the nearby coast.