salamanca on-site office & staff

The Salamanca ISA office is located next to the University of Salamanca and a short walk from Plaza Mayor. The office serves as a convenient home base for students to relax, regroup, talk with the Salamanca staff, find information about the city, use the Internet, and receive tutoring. The ISA Salamanca staff members are dedicated to helping make the most of students' experiences abroad.

Salamanca Office
  • Computer lab and office-wide WiFi
  • Academic and city-specific resources
  • Library with English and Spanish books
  • Collection of movies
  • Tutoring
  • Language exchange
  • Classrooms/ meeting rooms
  • Multimedia lounge
  • Phone, scanner, printer, and fax machine


Salamanca Staff
  • Bilingual residents of Salamanca
  • Maximum 15:1 student to staff ratio
  • 24 hour on-call support
  • Organization and assistance with academics, housing, activities and excursions
Carmen Abanades Cruz
Resident Director
Juan Eguiluz Pacheco
Academic Director
Sofia Ibarra Reynoso
Student Services
Rodrigo de Francisco Benito
Housing Coordinator
Beatriz de Miguel
Student Services
Roberto de la Calzada
Assistant IT Coordinator Europe/Student Services