salamanca parent testimonials

The ISA staff was very responsive and reassuring before sending my daughter on her month-long stay to Salamanca. While she was there, it was seamless with no issues whatsoever. She had an amazing experience!

Parents of Rachel Bachman - Salamanca, Spain , 2012 (Oakland, CA)

My son (and older daughter) have done other overseas programs before and, in comparison, ISA-HS was definitely the best experience in terms of quality of academics, excursions, supervision, organization, etc.  It also was very reasonably priced.  Most importantly, though, my son had a fantastic time and his Spanish improved considerably.

Parents of Brett Klapper - Salamanca, Spain , 2011 (San Francisco, CA)

What made ISA-HS unique versus other programs is that it's for kids who are more academic, have a proven interest in learning the language, are older...and receive university credit.  I also liked the sound of the excursions, activities (not every single day) and the strong staff presence.  Finally, I liked that the programs are for set periods of time and new kids aren't arriving or leaving every week.

Parents of Brett Klapper - Salamanca, Spain , 2011 (San Francisco, CA)

Our daughter had an amazing summer! The staff was terrific. Our daughter loved her host family and ISA-HS did an excellent job of matching her with a compatible roommate. The University experience was very positive as well. All the excursions were very worthwhile. There was a nice balance between structured time and free time. I am so delighted we found ISA-HS. It is a great opportunity for kids to grow in many ways...socially, emotionally, academically, global awareness, independence, and so many things that are not quantifiable!

Parents of Mal Kassoy - Salamanca, Spain , 2011 (Bexley, OH)

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