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Rodrigo de Francisco Benito, Housing Coordinator

Rodrigo de Francisco Benito is a native of Salamanca. After earning a degree in tourism, he worked for several years as a travel agent and cultural promoter with a U.S. exchange program, a position which gave him the opportunity to work with U.S. students in Salamanca. Rodrigo has extensive study abroad experience, spending time in England, Ireland and the United States, where he studied English and worked for a time at the ISA headquarters in Austin, Texas. Rodrigo continues his education at the University of Salamanca where he is studying Hispanic Philology. At the same time, he works at the ISA office in Salamanca, where he is responsible for organizing student housing, program excursions and assisting our students in travel and extracurricular activities. Rodrigo's energy and knowledge of the city make him a valuable asset to ISA and our students.

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