salamanca student testimonials

Absolutley amazing. I reccomend all students to do this as it aids in language proficiency, which is a vital tool in today's world. This trip is so much fun and increases your independence tremendously.

Matthew M. - Salamanca, Spain , 2015 (Houston, TX)

Choosing ISA-HS was the best thing I ever did; I got to experience the Spain life, make friends, see some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, be shocked by the fact that some of the stuff is older than the USA and most importantly I had a lot of fun. The only advice I have is enjoy everything as it comes because it only gets better and eventually you'll never want to leave.

Janelle Z. - Salamanca, Spain , 2014 (Matthews, NC)

ISA-HS provides everything you need to improve your language skills and have a great experience. No matter what the language level, everyone had a chance to improve and learn at their own pace. I highly reccommend this program to anyone who is considering studying abroad, everyone should be able to experience another country and travel abroad during high school, it really is an unforgettable experience.

Matt G. - Salamanca, Spain , 2014 (Walpole, MA)

This program offers a valuable experience for someone at a very young age. Its benefits certainly extend outside the classroom and I urge you to try this program at least once.

Andrew D. - Salamanca, Spain , 2014 (Wildwood, MO)

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