salamanca student testimonials

The cultural activities and excursions were both fun and insightful. Also, the bonds you create with your roommates, friends, and even directors are amazing and unforgettable.

Rachel Bachman - Salamanca, Spain , 2012 (Oakland, CA)

ISA-HS is a good environment for kids who want to learn a new language and become independent. I had such a fun time and would recommend this program strongly.

Madeline Cook - Salamanca, Spain , 2012 (Ventura, CA)

I had a blast on this trip! It was definitely an experience of a life time. When I first got here I was really afraid that I wasn't going to have fun or have any friends and I wasn't going to be better at Spanish, but ISA-HS went past my expectations! I had the most fun I have ever had! This was an incredible experience and I couldn't imagine doing it again through any other program.

Kenya Caines - Salamanca, Spain , 2011 (Carlsbad, CA)

I would definitely recommend ISA-HS to other students because the directors are really responsible, kind, fun, and caring. The activities that we did were fun and very interesting, I loved learning the background information on all these historical sites that can seem to be so distant at times but when you learn the history and meaning behind it all you connect with it in a way you never expected. And the language classes that we took were very helpful and encouraged and improved my Spanish greatly. Overall ISA-HS is a very high quality study abroad program and I would definitely recommend it.

Emily Sparks - Salamanca, Spain , 2011 (Irvine, CA)

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