Informational Presentations

In collaboration with foreign language teachers and high schools throughout the U.S. and Canada, ISA High School organizes informative presentations designed to provide students and parents the opportunity to speak directly with an ISA-HS representative about study abroad. ISA-HS representatives work with interested teachers and parents to organize a presentation that best fits their needs and schedules. Presentations highlight the benefits of studying abroad, what's included on an ISA-HS program, and can be given in both English and Spanish/Chinese.


Types of Presentations

  • Classroom Presentations - ISA-HS representatives visit directly with Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese students during their high school language classes.
  • School Assemblies / Club Meetings - ISA-HS representatives present to groups of students during assemblies or during specific club meetings such as foreign language clubs and honor societies.
  • Faculty Meetings - ISA-HS representatives meet with faculty to explain in greater detail the ISA-HS program.
  • Career and College Center Visits - ISA-HS representatives visit with students and counselors in the College and Career Center to discuss the benefits of study abroad while in high school.
  • Information Tables - ISA-HS representatives set up an information table on campus during lunch periods to speak with interested students and pass out program information.
  • Parents' Night / Parent Teacher Association Meetings - ISA-HS representatives speak to parents about the benefits of study abroad and provide program information.
  • After-School Information Sessions - ISA-HS representatives visit with interested students and parents during an after-school information session.
  • Pre-Program Orientation Meetings - ISA-HS representatives meet with enrolled students and their parents to discuss important information related to the program prior to departure.
  • Seminars Abroad for Teachers - In the past, ISA-HS is enrolled interested teachers in foreign language seminars abroad. Our last seminar was in Lima, Peru with Ohio State University! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in a seminar in the future.


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