volunteer student testimonials

It's a great experience--the people, the places, the events, the tasks. It's really unlike anything I've ever participated in. Getting to see awesome tourist locations, learning and taking classes about the country and a foreign language, making new friends, helping the community, earning college credit, eating new foods--all of that in one! I'd say it's hard to come by!

Sophia Zhang - Volunteer, Heredia Global Impact, 2012 (Katy, TX)

This program has honestly changed my life. The experiences I´ve gone through during this program have given me the confidence to overcome any task I may have to complete. Additionally, my Spanish has improved tremendously since the start of this program. I feel much more comfortable conversing with others in Spanish, despite the fact that before this program I had never carried a conversation with someone in Spanish. If someone has a desire to learn a language, there is no better way to learn it than to visit a country that speaks it, and this program through ISA-HS provided me with that opportunity.

Jami Reber - Volunteer, Heredia Global Impact, 2011 (Middleton, DE)

This volunteer work surpassed my expectations. I was expecting to work and not have very much time to learn about my peers, but I was surprised when I discovered that while doing the work I was able to talk to my friends and learn a lot about them and have fun at the same time. The work was hard but very good and I learned a lot about construction and teamwork. This experience showed me that its not that people of greater fortune can’t help those of less fortune, it’s that they choose not to. I was able to help those of less fortune than me with no trouble and a great feeling about it.

Isaac Jay - Volunteer, Guanajuato Global Impact, 2010 (Santa Fe, NM)

I learned about myself and how lucky I am. The community seemed to appreciate our work and the kids love us. I’m really going to miss the kids. I loved this program. I was able to give back and improve my Spanish. A win-win situation!

Ilana Craven - Volunteer, Heredia Global Impact, 2010 (Glenview, IL)

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