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Host University Scholarships

Many of our university partners generously offer ISA students the opportunity to apply for university-specific scholarships, and ISA encourages students read more about the scholarships available and consider a program at one of these distinguished universities abroad.

As the scholarships are offered by ISA's host universities, they differ in terms of award amount, deadline dates and refund method.

Eligibility requirements for all host university scholarships: Students must be enrolled at a U.S. or Canadian college or university, be accepted into an ISA academic year/semester/select summer programs, meet the university's minimum GPA requirement (unless otherwise noted), and complete and submit an ISA scholarship application. Students are not eligible to apply for scholarships in the 2nd term of an academic year program. Visit the Eligibility Requirements and Application for more information on eligibility, scholarship availability, and application instructions.

Have additional questions? Visit the Scholarship FAQ.



Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane

Queensland University of Technology* supports ISA students with two $1,500 AUD awards each year.

James Cook University - Cairns & Townsville

James Cook University* supports ISA students with four $500 AUD awards per year. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Bond University - Gold Coast

The Bond University Sponsored Scholarship* supports ISA students with a four $1,000 AUD awards every Spring and Fall semester. This scholarship is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Bond also offers one $400 AUD book award every Spring and Fall semester. This scholarship is will be held in an account for the student at the Bond University Book Store. The student will need to contact the International Office upon arrival at Bond University, as they will provide further advice about using the account.

La Trobe University - Melbourne

La Trobe University - Melbourne* supports ISA students with two $1,000 AUD awards each semester.

International College of Management, Sydney - Sydney

The International College of Management, Sydney* offers several $1,000 AUD awards to ISA students attending a semester abroad in the standard study abroad program or the study internship combo program.

Macquarie University - Sydney

Macquarie University* offers the Gina Rosko Memorial Scholarship in honor of a former study abroad student. One ISA student studying in the July term will be chosen to receive a 50% Macquarie tuition-reduction scholarship and a supplemental $1,000 scholarship that will be deducted from the overall program cost. This scholarship is open to students studying at Macquarie University who have a minimum GPA of 3.2, have substantial financial need, and documented involvement in their university and community.

Through the Macquarie University Student Representative Scholarship program, recipients of this scholarship will also receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet and GoPro camera, and will participate in exclusive campus activities to enhance their Australian study abroad experience. Students will also receive training in communication skills from Macquarie's Alumni Relations and marketing teams, be profiled in Macquarie's newsletter, and take part in professional photo shoots at the university.

University of New South Wales - Sydney

University of New South Wales* supports ISA study abroad students with one $1,000 USD scholarships per year. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

New Zealand

AUT University - Auckland

AUT* supports three ISA study abroad students with three $1,000 NZD awards each year. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

University of Canterbury - Christchurch

The University of Canterbury* supports ISA study abroad students with scholarships totaling $15,000 NZD. Students are required to have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher in order to be considered for this scholarship. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Massey University - Palmerston North & Wellington

Massey University* supports ISA students with scholarships totaling $3,000 NZD per year. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Victoria University of Wellington - Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington* offers scholarships to the value of $2,000 USD per year allocating the awards in two seperate scholarships to ISA students. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

South Korea

Korea University - Seoul

Korea University* offers a number of scholarships totaling up to $10,000 USD for ISA students participating in KU summer programs. Individual award amounts for this scholarship vary between $1,000 - $2,000 USD. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Korea University also offers a variety of scholarships directly to students. Future global leaders may apply for one of the Global KU Study Abroad Scholarships by submitting the KU scholarship application and additional documentation by January 30 for Semester 1 (Spring) enrollment and by July 30 for Semester 2 (Fall) enrollment.

Students from a participating Universitas 21 or APRU network of research-intensive universities, will automatically be considered for an applicable scholarship for study at KU. Recipients of any of the aforementioned awards will be issued the funds, directly from KU, in-country after the start of the semester.


American College of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki

The American College of Thessaloniki* supports three ISA semester students each year with a $1,000 scholarship who demonstrate financial need and attend a public university. Contact ISA for more information.

The American College of Thessaloniki supports students with Academic Merit Scholarships. Students who demonstrate a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher at the time of application and have achieved sophomore status will automatically receive a $1,000 USD scholarship. This scholarship is for students attending ACT on a semester program. Please inform your Program Manager if you meet these eligibility requirements.

The American College of Thessaloniki also supports study abroad students with the Hellenic-American Heritage Scholarship. Students who demonstrate Greek heritage will be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship will covers 50%-100% tuition costs for up to 4 study abroad students. It is a competitive scholarship for which one needs to apply and is open to all students from North or South America who have been accepted to study at ACT. Please inform your Program Manager if you are planning to apply. Early application is encouraged.

Please note that it is ACT's policy that qualified students may receive only one of the three listed ACT awards.


Universidad Antonio de Nebrija - Madrid
Universidad Antonio de Nebrija* offers one $500USD scholarship for students participating in ISA's Madrid Spring 4 program (Spanish Language and Classes with Locals). The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.


King's College London - London

The King's College Study Abroad Excellence awards are available each semester to Study Abroad students in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Scholarships are made to candidates of outstanding quality who demonstrate in their application how their time at King's builds on their academic record, and how it will help fulfill their personal academic ambitions. Students must be accepted for at least one semester and applied for courses in the Schools of Huanities and/or Social Sciences and Public Policy.

Students will be selected based on equal weight of their overall academic performance, their case for receiving a scholarship, their personal statement and three themed 'mini blogs'.

Kingston University - London

Kingston University supports ISA semester and year study abroad students with a £500 (GBP) scholarship each semester. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or above to be eligible for this award. This award is open to all majors, but preference is given to students in the fields of Life Sciences or Business. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

Kingston University also offers Summer School scholarships to ISA students in the amount of £200 (GBP) for students participating in summer programs. In order to apply, please notify your Program Manager, who will send you the Kingston Summer scholarship application. The award is credited to the student's overall program balance with ISA.

University of Roehampton - London
Vice Chancellor's Anniversary Scholarship for Diversity in Study Abroad

We are excited to announce the launch of twenty new scholarships worth £1500 each for Spring 2017 and Autumn 2017. Intended to support diversity in Study Abroad, they will continue our heritage of supporting under-represented groups into higher education.

For more information including eligibility criteria, application details and scholarship conditions please click here.


Trinity College Dublin - Dublin

Trinity College Dublin supports undergraduate study abroad students with several scholarships and travel grants. Students must apply and be accepted to Trinity College Dublin as a Visiting student for a Full Year programme. Please follow the links provided for eligibility requirements and additional details:

Study Abroad Scholarships