International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Orientation Information

Pre-Departure Orientation

Prior to their departure and on-site orientation, students will receive a lengthy and detailed pre-departure Online Orientation in the Student Portal which serves as a primer for their study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although the on-site orientation will cover the nitty-gritty of life in Argentina, the Online Orientation allows students to read up on pertinent information before their arrival in Buenos Aires. It covers academics, culture, useful phrases, food, housing, the university, ISA facilities, money matters, visas, and numerous other details that students also learn about during their on-site orientation. Of course, students are always welcome to contact the Argentina Site Specialist with any questions.

On-Site Orientation

Students fly into Buenos Aires where they are met by the resident staff and their host family or accompanied to the residencia. The ISA staff will provide students with an extensive on-site orientation during the first few days, where they are informed of academic schedules, safety information, detailed information on excursions and information on cell phones. These orientations are conducted by our resident directors, allowing students a chance to familiarize themselves with our directors even before they take their placement exams. The staff will offer a brief introduction to Argentina's history and culture, while also discussing ways to adjust to the Argentine lifestyle.