International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

A team of helpful ISA staff members guides students through the entire study abroad process. The U.S. staff helps prospective students with program selection and completion of the ISA application. Pre-departure orientations are also available to enrolled students through our comprehensive online orientation. The U.S. staff is in constant contact with our resident staff abroad, who provide support to students during their program. ISA's staff members also provide assistance to students upon their return to the U.S. Contact us at 1-800-580-8826 or by email.

Visa Support

Our U.S.-based staff is trained to handle visa issues for Argentina and their corresponding U.S.-based consulates. Please visit the Student Visas and Embassy page of the ISA website for more details

Tuition at Host University

Tuition and administrative fees at the host university are included in the program price. Some classes will have additional fees that are not included in the program price.

Official Transcript Issued by Host University with ISA Cover Letter

Upon the successful completion of an ISA program, the student's host university will issue an official transcript that lists all coursework. ISA will send this transcript to the appropriate office at the student's home university. Additionally, ISA will provide a cover letter explaining the host university's grading system and a translation of the transcript, as necessary.

Please note that transcripts and master's diplomas will be sent directly to students participating in Master's Degree programs.

Full-time Resident Staff

ISA's full-time resident staff assists students with all aspects of their experience abroad. The resident staff provides support during official course registration and arranges the program orientation, excursions, weekly meetings, cultural activities and much more. Staff members are trained to ensure the well-being of each program participant and are dedicated to facilitating a positive and meaningful study abroad experience. ISA provides a 20:1 student to staff ratio on site. Please click here to read more about the Buenos Aires staff.

On-site ISA Office

The on-site office offers students a source of security while abroad by serving as a common meeting place and resource center. Please click here to read more about the Buenos Aires office.

Bridging Cultures Program

The Bridging Cultures Program (BCP) encompasses the ISA on-site orientation delivered to all students in the first days of their ISA program, with key improvements in areas related to goal setting, intercultural awareness, diversity and professional development. For a number of reasons, the first days that follow a student's arrival on site offer us some of the best opportunities to effectively transmit information to program participants. While the pre-departure orientations that students receive from ISA and their home universities are also important, students are typically more ready to focus on their study abroad experience when they arrive at their host country. The BCP is designed to help ISA make the most of this important opportunity to educate students and to give students the tools that will facilitate discovery and learning during their program. The BCP is an important introduction to a new culture, a new home and a new experience. The BCP is designed to prepare students for a successful, positive and rewarding experience that will influence the rest of their lives.

Computer and Internet Access

ISA students enjoy free computer and internet access at the ISA Buenos Aires on-site office. Students also have access to computer labs and WiFi at the host universities.


All students participating in ISA's foreign language acquisition programs may receive tutoring at our on-site offices at no additional cost. This service is arranged by the on-site directors and should be scheduled in advance. Other supplemental academic resources may also be available at ISA's on-site offices.

Airport Reception

Ground transportation is provided from the Ezieza International Airport (EZE) for students who arrive during the ISA designated arrival date and time, and at the appropriate airport. Transportation TO EZE at the end of the program is included for summer programs only. Transportation from and to EZE is not included for Intensive Month programs.


Homestay: Included in the price of all ISA Buenos Aires programs.

Residencias: Available to interested students for an additional fee. Each residence hall is different; please contact ISA with specific questions.

Please click here to read more about the housing options in Buenos Aires.

*Please note that the homestay is included for approximately the first three months of a Master's Degree program. Housing in the residencia is available to Master's Degree students for an additional cost. Contact ISA for further details.

Meals and Laundry Service

Homestays: Breakfast and dinner are included seven days a week, as well as laundry service once a week.

Residencias: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included five days a week, as well as laundry service once a week. Access to a kitchen will be available during the weekends.

**Lunch and dinner are not provided on ISA excursions.


Excursions are included in the price of all ISA programs, except Intensive Month and Master's Degree programs. Master's Degree students may add excursions for an additional cost on site.

Excursions are designed to complement the academic component of the student's study abroad experience. Transportation and guided tours are included. During multi-day excursions, hotel accommodations and breakfast are also included. Additional optional excursions may be offered but are not included in the ISA program price. Students may sign up and pay for these excursions after they arrive at their program site.

Click here for a list of excursions (may vary according to session).

Cultural Activities in Buenos Aires

In order to maximize cultural immersion, the ISA program staff develops unique cultural activities. These custom-designed activities invite students to experience the local color of their host city, while learning about the history and culture of their new surroundings. Speaking the native language with locals, tasting the regional cuisine, and partaking in the native traditions are just a few of the ways these cultural activities lead to full appreciation of the program city.

Cultural activities are not included in Master's Degree programs.

Medical Insurance

Comprehensive medical insurance is provided during the official period of the program. Extensions of medical coverage can be made for an additional fee if students plan to be abroad before or after the program period. A full description of coverage can be found here.

24-hour Emergency Assistance

ISA regular office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:00am - 7:00pm and Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm Central Time. For students or parents who need assistance in an emergency situation outside of the regular office hours, please call the ISA office at 1-800-580-8826 to access the ISA emergency contact information for that particular week. Abroad students also have access to on-site staff 24 hours a day.