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Tropical, wild and rugged, Queensland's Far North is a stunning destination and tourist mecca. Though geographically small, the region contains the richest pocket of biodiversity in Australia, if not the world. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park offers spectacular reefs, and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area contains ancient rainforest and pristine white-sand beaches.

Cairns, distinguished as an international and domestic player in both tourism and business, is the center of tourism for the region and is packed with hotels, restaurants and shops. Additionally, this region is renowned for its myriad of day tours and adventure activities - white water rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, bush walking, trail riding and much more. Whatever your fancy, Cairns is sure to please.

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Academic Programs Offered in Cairns

Tropical Studies, Economics, Society & Culture
James Cook University - Cairns
[Courses instructed in English and French and Italian]


(Feb 4, 2017 to Jun 17, 2017)ICNS3117$13,900
(Early Jul, 2017 to Mid Nov, 2017)ICNF3117$13,900