Available Excursions for Brussels

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Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions.


The timeless city of Bruges has remained relatively untouched since the Middle Ages, making it a delightfully historical place to visit. Known as the "Venice of the North", visitors to Bruges will enjoy sightseeing, possibly taking a boat ride through the canals, or climbing to the top of the... Read More


Located in the north of Belgium, travel back to the Middle Ages in this remarkably well-preserved town and explore the recently renovated Gravensteen Castle, surrounded by an authentic medieval moat. Explore St. Jacob's Church, St. Nicholas' Church and the Cathedral of St. Bavo; home to the... Read More

Moroccan Cities and Desert

Optional for some or all sessions
Travel to Morocco and explore a land filled with Arabic, African, and European influences. Students arrive through the famed city of Casablanca and from there visit different cities and areas of this dynamic country. The itinerary includes varying cultural activities such as meandering through... Read More

The Netherlands

Travel through the southern region of The Netherlands filled with historically and politically important cities, beach side escapes and beautiful Dutch scenes of windmills and tulips. Take a bike tour through picturesque Kinderdjik. In The Hague, explore the twists and turns of the M.C. Escher... Read More


The French speaking region in the south of Belgium is known for its stunning countryside vistas spotted with quaint towns and picturesque rolling hills. Many small towns here are composed of only a few houses, some farms and a church; providing a unique glimpse into the past. Visit a typical... Read More