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Business, Communications, International Relations, & Humanities - Vesalius College

Through the "Business, Communications, International Relations & Humanities" program students will have the opportunity to study in the capital of the European Union and the international center for business during a semester or academic year. Students can choose from a variety of courses in English, including liberal arts classes, Business, Communications and International Affairs. French and Dutch language classes are also available. Students of junior standing at their home university will also be able to apply for internships.

Students must have sophomore standing according to their home university.

The courses offered are instructed in English at Vesalius College by host university faculty, and classmates are local and international students.

Courses are taught by host university faculty at Vesalius College.

Academic Year 1 2015/2016Aug 15, 2015 to May 14, 2016IBUY3115$34,500Program in Progress
Academic Year 1 2016/2017Mid Aug, 2016 to Mid May, 2017IBUY3116$35,000Currently Accepting Applications!

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