Florianópolis Office in Florianópolis, Brazil

U.S. Contact for Florianópolis (Site Specialist)

Sarah Lorber
Email: slorber@studiesabroad.com

U.S. Contact for Florianópolis (Program Manager)

Kim Sarna
Email: ksarna@studiesabroad.com

Florianópolis Staff

Resident Director
Student Services Coordinator
Student Services Coordinator

Florianópolis Office

The ISA office is conveniently located inside the UNISUL's Ilha Centro campus where the students will take most of their classes. The office, in the center of downtown, provides a study room, computer/internet workstations, and a lounge area available for ISA students. Students are encouraged to visit the ISA facility (general office hours are 9:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday) to check e-mail, receive tutoring, obtain travel advice, or to practice speaking Portuguese with the ISA staff.