Florianópolis, a city situated on an island in southeastern Brazil, is modern and cosmopolitan yet also blessed with tremendous natural beauty. Floripa, as it is called by locals, showcases over 42 beaches, rolling mountains, Atlantic rainforest, soft white sand dunes, and an array of offshore islands. As a complement to its natural beauty, this popular city has been named one of the best places to live and do business in a country that is rapidly becoming an economic superpower. Florianópolis is a unique destination where past, present and future coexist harmoniously, making it a fantastic place for a student wanting to study abroad in an active and dynamic city environment.

Florianópolis consistently ranks as one of Brazil's top five safest cities and in the past ten years has become one of Brazil's premier destinations. Florianópolis offers something for everyone, including a bustling commercial core, pristine beaches, countless water activities (there's a lake and the ocean of course!), untouched nature reserves, charming fishing villages and great seafood, numerous mountain trails, some of the best museums, cultural attractions and academic institutions in Brazil, trendy lakeside eateries, and of course the opportunity to blow off some steam dancing the samba while watching the sun set over the bay.

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Academic Programs Offered in Florianópolis

Int. Month
Custom Programs
Culture, Portuguese Language, Business & Courses with Locals
Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
[Courses instructed in English and Portuguese]


Spring 1 2016
(Feb 26, 2016 to Jul 2, 2016)
Fall 1 2016
(Jul 29, 2016 to Dec 3, 2016)


Spring 1 2017
(Late Feb, 2017 to Early Jul, 2017)