Academic Programs in Shanghai

Students may choose from the following Academic Program options:

Academic Year

Students participating in the ISA Shanghai Academic Year program can choose from two different programs: Business & Chinese Language or Intensive Chinese Langauge. Classmates are ISA students in Business & Chinese Language program, and international students in Intensive Chinese Language program.

Semester / Trimester

The ISA semester programs in Shanghai offer solid language programs and an array of courses taught in English. Students who are interested in improving both their Mandarin skill and taking courses for the major, minor, or general education requirements will find exactly what they are looking for in the academic program provided by East China Normal University, one of China's top higher education institutions.


Students can study during the summer at East China Normal University, where they can choose two courses from a variety of academic options. There is no language requirement, but students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to apply.


ISA Custom Programs are developed in partnership with U.S. universities to offer students unique course options. Cultural activities and excursions, program dates and duration, and academics vary by program. Studying abroad with U.S. university students and faculty fosters a cohesive group dynamic with additional support of ISA staff in the U.S. and abroad.