Heredia Office in Heredia, Costa Rica

U.S. Contact for Heredia (Site Specialist)

Morgan Quijano

U.S. Contact for Heredia (Program Manager)

Rachel Rogers

U.S. Contact for Heredia (Service-Learning Program Manager)

Robert Palestina

Heredia Staff

On-Site Director of Custom Programs
Director of Latin America Operations
Academic Director, Costa Rica Programs
Coordinator of ISA Heredia Programs

Heredia Office

The ISA Heredia Office is located on the Universidad Latina - Heredia campus, making it a convenient place to meet with your directors, get help with school work, and use the internet. Students will have access to all of the amenities at the Universidad as well as the 2 other ISA offices located in San Jose. The office hours are Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

ISA Heredia Office:
- ISA director and assistant offices
- On –site computers & wireless internet access
- Collection of cultural, community, and travel resources