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Students may choose between the following Program Terms:

Arts and Design Courses with Locals - Universidad Veritas

The Arts and Design Courses with Locals semester program at the Universidad Veritas is open to students at the high-advanced Spanish level. Students will choose a total of 4 courses from the following categories: Courses with Costa Ricans, Language Modules, and/or General Electives. Students may choose any combination to complete their 4 choices as long as scheduling permits; however, students MUST take at least one course with locals. The Language Modules are 4 weeks long, while the General Electives are 12 weeks. All courses with locals last for the entire semester. For an extra fee, and if schedules allow, students may take a fifth course. Students who do not place into the high-advanced level on the mandatory Veritas University placement exam will not be eligible for this program and must switch into the Spanish Language, Liberal Arts and Environmental Studies program.

Students may also add a San Jose Intensive Month program to a Semester/Year program in Costa Rica for a discounted price.

Academic Year 3 2013Sep 7, 2013 to Apr 26, 2014ISJY3213$16,500Program in Progress

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Business, Spanish Language & Latin American Studies - Universidad Latina - San Pedro

The Business, Spanish Language and Latin American Studies program leverages the strengths of the Universidad Latina - San Pedro, a Laureate university and a respected institution in the region, and is designed to be a program for students wanting to take Spanish language courses, international business courses in English, and also a variety of courses with locals instructed in Spanish (for advanced level students).

Electives courses are typically 45 hours each, while language courses are 45 – 120 hours. Students are placed into a language level based on the number of semesters/quarters of college-level Spanish previously taken. Please note that some courses with locals may be instructed in the evening.

Gap students are also eligible for this program.

Academic Year 1 2013Sep 7, 2013 to Apr 26, 2014ISJY3113$16,000Program in Progress

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