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Santiago (1,000,000) is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic, and the economic center of the fertile Cibao Valley. The Septentrional mountain range is visible from most points of the city, and the Yaque River flows through the city en route to the Atlantic Ocean, a mere one hour bus ride to the north. Santiago has a relaxed and refined atmosphere, as well as the most vibrant Carnival in the country. Whether strolling though the shopping district of Calle del Sol or dancing to the rhythms of merengue and bachata, Santiago abounds with Caribbean vibrance and is an ideal location for study abroad.

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Academic Programs Offered in Santiago

Latin American Studies, Spanish Language & Courses with Locals
Pontificia Universidad Católica - Madre y Maestra
[Courses instructed in Spanish]


(Jan 3, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017)ISGS1117$11,450
(Jan 3, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017)ISGES1117$12,975
(Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017)ISGF1117$11,450
(Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017)ISGEF1117$12,975