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Latin American Studies, Spanish Language & Courses with Locals - Pontificia Universidad Católica - Madre y Maestra

This program is designed for students at the intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish proficiency. Students will participate in courses focusing on Spanish Language and Caribbean and Latin American studies. All courses will be taken at the Pontifical Catholic University "Madre y Maestra" (PUCMM) and instructed by PUCMM faculty. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a community service program with possible placement in an organization or business in Santiago. On a limited basis, ISA students at the advanced levels of Spanish may take classes with Dominican students from the university's primary course listings. Please call the ISA office for additional information.

Courses are taught by host university faculty at the Pontifical Catholic University - "Madre y Maestra."

For level verification, all students must take a Spanish language placement exam upon arrival in Santiago. Please note that these placement suggestions are not a guarantee of a student's Spanish level. Language levels will be determined solely by the on-site placement exam administered by the PUCMM.

***If the placement exam indicates that the student is not at the intermediate level, course options will be very limited.

Fall 1 2016Aug 22, 2016 to Dec 13, 2016ISGF1116$11,000Program in Progress
Fall 1 2016 + Service-LearningAug 22, 2016 to Dec 13, 2016ISGEF1116$12,600Program in Progress
Spring 1 2017Jan 3, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017ISGS1117$11,450Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA
Spring 1 2017 + Service-LearningJan 3, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017ISGES1117$12,975Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA
Fall 1 2017Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017ISGF1117$11,450Currently Accepting Applications!
Fall 1 2017 + Service-LearningLate Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017ISGEF1117$12,975Currently Accepting Applications!

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