International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: England


Cambridge is, in essence, a very quintessential British town. You can witness traditional British construction and engineering at its finest, visit some of its street food markets and even go for a punt on the river (a rowing boat). However, what Cambridge is most famous for is its university. The first thing to understand about Cambridge is that there is no Cambridge University building. The whole town is in fact more or less the University, with campus buildings and colleges spread out and dotted throughout its winding streets.

We will be taking a walking tour around the town itself to discover the history behind the university, how it was founded and why, how classes and teaching takes place, as well as making a visit to some of its prestigious college buildings and the breath taking Kings College Chapel. Students will also discover how religion played a major role in the development of Universities throughout England, as for the longest time unless you were a member of the Church of England you were not allowed to go to University. There will also be time for students to explore Cambridge and the town itself and take it its rural markets and traditional British feel.

Optional in the following sessions