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Courses in Multiple Disciplines- University of Roehampton - University of Roehampton

During the ISA summer programs at the University of Roehampton, students have a variety of course offerings to select from enabling students the opportunity to enroll in courses that fit their individual academic needs. All courses are taught at Roehampton by local university professors. ISA participants will take classes alongside other international students.

Gap students are also eligible for this program.

Summer 5 2016Jun 8, 2016 to Jul 2, 2016ILNU3516$4,800Closed, Not Accepting Applications.
Summer 6 2016Jun 29, 2016 to Jul 23, 2016ILNU3616$4,800Closed, Not Accepting Applications.

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Liberal Arts, Business & Media Studies- University of Westminster - University of Westminster

London is recognized as a major world-center in all areas of life and culture. The Liberal Arts, Business & Media Studies Summer Sessions offers courses for students at all undergraduate academic levels. There are two three week sessions offered with the option to participate in back to back sessions. Courses are taught at the University of Westminster by local university professors. Study abroad participants take classes with other international students.

Summer 1 2016Jun 17, 2016 to Jul 9, 2016ILNU3116$5,250Closed, Not Accepting Applications.
Summer 2 2016Jul 8, 2016 to Jul 30, 2016ILNU3216$5,250Closed, Not Accepting Applications.

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Courses in Multiple Disciplines- King's College London - King's College London

The School of Humanities, School of Law, and School of Social Science and Public Policy at King's College London, one of the world's leading faculties, offer students unrivaled connections to world-class arts organizations and institutions, including the British Museum, Shakespeare's Globe, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), the National Portrait Gallery and the British Library.

The three week summer programs are hosted on the historic Strand Campus, situated on the River Thames opposite the National Theatre, with spectacular views of the Houses of Parliament. Students will enroll in one course per summer session with the option to enroll in back-to-back summer sessions.

Summer 3 2016Jun 24, 2016 to Jul 16, 2016ILNU3316$5,500Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA
Summer 4 2016Jul 15, 2016 to Aug 6, 2016ILNU3416$5,500Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA

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British Studies & International Business- Kingston University - Kingston University

The Kingston University summer school gives students the opportunity to truly experience London. All the courses offered are designed to maximize the amount experiential learning around London and less time formally in the classroom. There are a variety of courses offered in multiple subjects allowing the students the ability to tailor their experience to their degree plan.

Summer 7 2016Jun 28, 2016 to Jul 30, 2016ILNU3716$6,975Closed, Not Accepting Applications.