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Contact an Alum

Below is a list of alumni who have volunteered to be listed on our website for you to contact. Use these alumni as a resource to help you gain first hand knowledge about studying abroad.

Some students may also be Global Ambassadors (ISA alumni interns) on your campus. For more information on the Global Ambassador Program please click here

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Name & Email [sort]University [sort]Session [sort]GLOBAL AMBASSADOR
Tommie Clark
Iowa StateFall 2013
Megan Harsh
Wright State UniversitySpring 1 2012
Emily Cameron
Clemson UniversitySpring 2014
Sarah Kottke
King's College LondonSpring 3
Sean Kane
Rockhurst UniversitySummer 1 2013
Tieumi (Mimi) Nguyen
University of HoustonSummer 7 2014
Marisa Borer
Arizona State UniversityFall 1
Amanda Holtz
Towson UniversityFall 1
Amanda Owsley
University of KansasFall 1
Shelby Paryl
St. Edward's UniversityFall 1
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