International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Moroccan Cities and Desert

Location: Morocco


During this multi-day optional excursion, students will be introduced to another continent (Africa) via a multi-stop five night itinerary across Morocco, one of the world's most colorful, diverse, and -- for reasons we ll have occasion to explore -- pro-American countries. Our trip encompasses direct cultural encounters with locals, guided tours through medinas and monuments, opportunities to shop and to learn the ins and outs of haggling with Moroccan vendors, and some unforgettable desert experiences that include rides on camelback and spectacular views of the sunrise. We also visit the Imperial City of Meknes, site of our first ISA program on the Africa continent.

Students will come away from the trip with a more nuanced sense of a complex country, knowing that Moroccan civilization is very old, very diverse, and not merely "Islamic". They will be exposed to different styles of dress and food and different inflections of gender relations than may have been anticipated.

Optional in the following sessions