International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: France


Normandy is in the Northwest part of France, just under 3 hours from Paris. Made up of "Haut Normandie" and "Basse Normandie" (Upper and Lower Normandy), this area accounts for approximately 5% of France's territory. This excursion gives an in-depth look into the D-day landings and the roles played by the different countries involved. Students will visit the Caen Memorial (Museum for the Peace), the American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Point du Hoc, and a Cider Farm. The evening is spent in Caen where students enjoy some free time. The blend of these activities allows students to get a glimpse into the far-reaching effects of WWII and develops in them a greater appreciation of European history and the role played by the U.S. in the war efforts.

Optional in the following sessions